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Aakarsh Dalmia| Figured out that working on my own rules was way better than following orders…

I wasn't sure about being an entrepreneur. I had a couple of other plans that seemed very exciting at the time. I was always allowed to choose what I wanted to do and eventually, it became clear that having my own business would be ideal.

During my bachelor, I was trying to pursue CA and I saw how hard the students worked in their articles and classes to manage their time. It eventually made me realize that I wanted to have my work, and not work for someone. Because the time and effort would be more meaningful for me.

It was a huge reality check. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that everything is dependent on me. That at the end of the day it is my responsibility if something happened or didn't happen. Owning a business sounds fancy for sure, but the grunt work is often not so pretty. Initially, I was confident that work would come to me, only to have wasted a couple of months waiting for the business to turn up made me realize my line of work is a lot of calls and meetings to convince clients.

I maintain personal relationships with all of my clients. I genuinely believe that these personal relationships are the reason why we can service our clients and also be on the same page. Today my clients call me for every little query, and I feel proud when I know that even highly qualified and successful business owners turn to me for recommendations and that they trust me with them.

Covid was a game changer. Overnight we had to figure out how to work remotely, and before that companies and clients were reluctant to transact online due to security concerns. Shifting our entire business to cloud-based servers and online transactions was a challenge. It was the best thing that happened to our company. we went completely digital, all transactions, record keeping, and data security helped us streamline most of our operations.

India has been moving towards a consumption economy, which means that Indians need to focus on savings and investments.


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