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A small beginning with constant efforts can take you a long way…


Syed Shadaab Hussain: Job vs Business, in this ever-growing controversy it is the problem solvers that become entrepreneurs. Doing business is a passion and everyone does not have the same dream. While I was a child, I do always attract to what you would call business and very much wanted to start my own business.

Although I wanted it in my childhood, it was only after I have completed my graduation, that I started my business. It was 2019. During this pre-pandemic era, I learned about organic skin and hair care products. It made me interested. I took a small course and after I have completed the course, I started my own small business.

Then it was 2020. The world plunged into one of the darkest eras of humanity, as the pandemic stuck. There was a lockdown, and due to this, there were serious issues in doing business. But as slowly and steadily everything normalized, I started growing again.

My Small business is about not using harmful chemicals that can affect people's lives adversely. I create all of my products at home, free of any form of toxic substances.

And similar to other businesses and brands, when starting people were not interested in my products but after using and getting excellent results people started trusting me and my products. Now I have lots of varieties of products. To serve my customers further, customization is also available on products. After all, it's all about customers’ trust.

I believe beginning can be small and humble but the most important thing is to begin. Trust small businesses, they have the potential to grow if enough time is given. And lastly, spending lots and lots of money on chemical products will give you results in the short run, but will mess with your health in the long term. So, make your decisions carefully.


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