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Zain Eqbal | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

Zain Eqbal is an 11-year-old boy who runs a real estate business. “There is a long story behind starting this company at such young age. Due to the pandemic, the real estate industry was going through a bad phase. It was during this time that I was at my father’s office, and a woman came and complained about getting cheated from a builder.” He learned from his father, an advocate in the Patna High Court, that it was common for builders to cheat buyers likewise. He says that he has done so many mistakes in his entrepreneurial journey.

The first thing he says is that, do not hire more than required. “Hiring more or hiring cheaper

consultants do not make your job easier”.

He prefers to keep limited people, who have adequate experience and excellence in the field and can get the job done. He was fortunate to have received immense support from his family.

“I would like to give the credit for success to my parents, especially to my father he has supported me all the time whenever I needed it.”

He thinks that nowadays families can support budding entrepreneurs by listening to them and by giving them the courage and confidence that they need to become entrepreneurs..

Resources were available at the time for him to start his business and with time and people things became easier for him.

The major challenge that he faced was his age factor. “Nobody was ready to do business with me because I am too young.”

He believes that one should create his way and never follow any tradition blindly. “Create your way using your brain.”

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