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Your passion needs your efforts and sacrifices: that’s how you grow…

Atharva Naik: To tell you the truth, I was certain that I wouldn’t be doing a 9 to 5 in the corporate world, but would do a business or some kind of job which has a role to use my entrepreneurship skills and grow the organisation. Things started in my late college years when I decided to take my passion as a profession.

After many freelancing jobs, internships and also working as an employee it was time to put my business skill set to use. This was when I started as an entrepreneur. I became more focused on the operations part with the founder and the other team members to build the organisation, I was in. We tried curating the best possible events, learning the trending hype of things and also analysing the choices of people when they step out. Personally, I think, it’s never too late to trust your intuition with things!

I have been thrown too many ups and downs at a very young age, both personally and professionally. The biggest challenge I faced is to accept the facts of the situation and work on solutions instead of problems. At times I feel that everything can’t be under your control but you need to act accordingly no matter what.

Some of my achievements include being an anchor for the past 3 years and hosting more than 1500 events in multiple cities. I have also helped businesses grow organically through innovative ways of marketing and reaching more audiences. I successfully curated events almost every weekend gathering a very good number of crowds in more than 6 cities. I also have been a public speaker as well as helping and motivating our team to achieve greater heights.

I always believe that at least give it a try, whether it’s that bat which you’re swinging in the air to hit the ball without any practice or whether it’s following your passion. Following passion demands sacrifice on a lot of things, but at the end of the day when you’re sleeping on your bed, though you’re done for the day, you will have peace of mind that you’re doing what you always wanted to do instead of regretting.


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