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Your passion can be your profession, only if you put the effort in…

Bashira Kayenat: My beginning was not that of an entrepreneur. As a child, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. but life changes, and in the last few years, I recognized my potential and decided to pursue my entrepreneurial traits.

Two years back I was a school teacher but my love and passion for cooking were very much. People use to like my dishes and use to praise me a lot for them. So, I resigned from my job and solely focused on this venture.

Building business costs, a lot but in these two years, I have faced a lot of difficulties and challenges, that had only made me strong. But the journey of these 1000 miles was not easy.

The day I started my venture I use to get two to three orders per day. There were days in which I got hopeless that I shouldn't have opened this in the first place or should shut it down now. Yet amidst all negative thoughts, I never gave up.

I use to send PR to influencers, MUA, and mimic artists just to get recognized by everyone, and finally, people started knowing me and my page and showed love and my growth skyrocketed. After reading their genuine reviews many times I cried with joy. I have earned more than I expected. Now when I look back I feel that it was one of my best decisions that I followed my passion over my job.

The biggest challenge was that my kitchen was not well equipped to handle different types of cuisine at the same time. So, I started taking pre-orders and organized my work schedule to manage things accordingly.

Some of my achievements include getting featured in T2, getting recognition in promoting cloud kitchen, and a well-known bodybuilder became my regular client.

My passionate journey made me realized that what we eat is just not for the body but also for the soul.


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