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Yoshima Vardia | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

All entrepreneurs have their reason to pursue business, money, status, power etc.. For Yoshima, it was the desire to call something her own, to feel a sense of independency and the confidence to stand up for yourself, on your own two feet. Yoshima used to work as a German language teacher but after a year into that category, she started a foreign language institute, ‘Learniingpal.’

The main obstacle rising entrepreneurs face is to stand their ground in the infancy state of the product or service because it is that stage when one is most unstable, vulnerable and fragile. It is important to be headstrong even at the lowest of points because as noticed by Vardia, many businessmen call it quits because they cannot handle the burnout. A solution she provides is to employ an efficient team who can be trusted in charge while you socialize or rest. Yoshima did not get where she is by living a life similar to everyone else. She spent her money wisely to grow and businesses and in that process she was compelled to compromise vacations, fancy restaurants and other unnecessary luxuries. Her willpower, sense and family was all she needed to be successful. “Uplifting and comforting words can sometimes to wonders to a weary spirit.”

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to achieve different results.”- Albert Einstein. Vardia is the breathing example of this quote who worked hard, harder than the others and owes the success to no one but herself.

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