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Yogesh Lahoti | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Yogesh Lahoti is an acupressure and Yoga Expert. As a Mumbai native, he started working in sales after completing 10th grade, selling accessories door-to-door. He then ventured into a Ratlami-Sev import business, but it became unprofitable. He switched to selling SIM cards and worked as an Assistant Merchandiser until a tragedy changed his life. Yogesh's journey toward becoming an acupressure expert started with a tragic incident that changed his life. One day, while traveling on a local train in Mumbai, he was pushed out of the running train due to a fistfight, causing him to faint. Although he did not suffer any serious injuries, a subsequent hospitalization revealed minor blockages in his brain, raising serious health concerns. This incident made him rethink his life and his career choices. That's when his sister suggested he try yoga, and he started teaching it as he got better at it. During this time, he got married to Neelam Lahoti, and his life started stabilizing. As he continued to practice yoga, he won several awards and completed over 13 certifications. It was during this time that Yogesh's Guruji, Mr. Deepak, suggested he learn acupressure. As he learned and practiced acupressure, he was amazed to see people overcome years of pain in a matter of weeks. He also learned Neurotherapy, which helped him further understand the mind-body connection.

With this newfound knowledge, Yogesh decided to make it his life's mission to cure people through acupressure. He now runs his own acupressure clinic in Mumbai, where he has helped numerous people overcome various physical and mental ailments. His expertise in the field has earned him recognition and respect among his peers and patients alike. Through his journey, Yogesh has proven that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, anyone can change their life and make a difference in the world. His story serves as an inspiration to those who are looking to break free from conventional career paths and find their true calling. Today, He has permanently cured the pain of over a hundred patients including those who could not even stand and are now living a perfectly normal life. His mission is to cure using his magical touch of acupressure and make people’s lives better. As an accomplished entrepreneur and expert, he conveys, “Our body has the magical power to heal itself, but it is essential to take proper care and follow the advice given by health experts. Never neglect or compromise on your health.”

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