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Yashee's BYEB: Transformative Spoken English Coaching for Personal and Professional Success!

A seasoned spoken English coach and certified trainer, Yashee's entrepreneurial journey is marked by passion, perseverance, and a commitment to transforming lives through language.

Her journey began 5 years ago when she recognized the unmet need for personalized English coaching. With a background in language and education, She decided to establish her platform, BYEB- Building your English Brain, to help individuals enhance their spoken English skills. Her genuine passion for language and dedication to education became the driving force behind her entrepreneurial venture.

She acknowledges the importance of embracing evolving teaching methods, staying updated on industry trends, and being open to feedback. Drawing from her own experience, she advises against the pitfall of trying to handle everything alone, highlighting the significance of building a team and trusting them for sustainable growth.

The transformative impact she witnessed in her students, coupled with her genuine passion for language education, became the inspiration behind her success. The joy of seeing students gain confidence in their communication skills and achieve their goals fueled her determination.

She advises families supporting budding entrepreneurs to foster an environment of open communication, recognizing the impact of emotional support that also contributed in Building substantial success that took a couple of years. The journey involved laying a solid foundation, establishing a client base, and refining coaching methods. The process, marked by challenges and victories, led to steady and fulfilling growth.

Reaching a wider audience was challenging. Leveraging digital platforms for marketing and offering online courses became the strategic solution, overcoming this obstacle effectively. Today, with over 1 million followers on Instagram, along side a Josh talks speaker, she has inspired millions!

BYEB focuses on personalized spoken English coaching, tailoring lessons to help individuals overcome language barriers, boost confidence, and excel in personal and professional spheres.

She finds inspiration in her students' success, urging youth to embrace passion, stay persistent, prioritize self-care, and recognize the power of effective communication for long-term success. Her advice to everyone is to prioritize self-care. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, taking breaks, and nourishing the mind and body are essential for long-term success.

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