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Yash Jhaveri | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Passion is a very important aspect of our life, of who we are and what we want to do. Yash Jhaveri, a freelance photographer, and a marketeer throughout his life reveal to us what it means to live one’s passion. Our hearts always tell us the things that we want in our life. Yash found out that it was photography.

This was his passion, his way of expressing himself to the world. “I found out I’m good with clicking pictures. Besides I also loved doing it and so decided to pursue it as my side hustle.”

But Apart from his passion, his entrepreneurial side of life started after he completed his graduation. He joined his family business We Care Meditex Pvt Ltd.

We are the leading largest manufacturers of surgical items such as 3ply masks, n-95 masks, surgical gowns, etc.” Soon after he joined the business, he learned about CRM, business and development, and marketing. After a year of hard work, he became the marketing head and business and development co-head of this business. “I’m proud to share that within one year, I have gathered a clientele of over 300 personally.” Despite undertaking the huge responsibility of running a large-scale company, he never compromised on his passion.

Yash says “ I have always pursued my passion.” He believes that today, photography is everywhere. “In today’s times, even mobile photography has so much scope”

Yash has taken up advanced photography courses to upskill himself. He believes that photography is relieving back those moments which we cherish so much in our hearts.

Even masters make mistakes. Yash says, “Even if you become an expert someday, you’ll never get a perfect picture in your first shot. You have to click several pictures and then select the best one among them.”

A budding photographer can send his best photos to magazines, or on social media and increase engagement and also create branding for himself.

Even your best photos can be used in NFTs, sell them professionally and earn, or even build a good portfolio, which will bring more clients to you. The art of clicking good photos is a marvelous way of storytelling. He says, “Irrespective of whether you use a DSLR, your skills speak volumes about your art.”

Yash believes in working hard for his goals. Besides pursuing his passion, he is in the pursuit of expanding his business further. “We’re working on creating more product verticals in the personal hygiene category.”

Yash says, “If you strive harder and harder, no one and nothing will be able to stop you.” Yash is also of the opinion that nowadays, networking is very important for succeeding.

“Networking boosts your chances of connecting with the right resources and increases chances of success”, says Yash.

He reflects on the old saying that you should listen to your guts because they’re right.

And above all, he says, “Never put all of your eggs in one basket. If one door is closed, God will open several doors for you.” He believes in the principle of PASSION+ CONSISTENCY= SUCCESS.


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