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Why do Entrepreneurs drop out?

Although our education system since childhood forces us to read certain subjects, stringent exam techniques, punishing unruly kids and rewarding better-performing ones. The entrepreneurs or more popularly called “the crazy ones, the misfits, the trouble makers”, and so on, has a history of dropping out of college. Today this is seen somewhat as a generalization as entrepreneurs dropping out of college to pursue their passion. Well, some entrepreneurs are good at academics, but the common trend is to drop out.

There are several reasons behind it.

Entrepreneurship demands risk-

Risk-taking ability is an innate part of being an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs are not gamblers but passion-driven individuals who took the risk and noticed the golden opportunity at the perfect moment. It had turned them into great leaders. Our education system, however, does not support taking risks.

Entrepreneurship claims independence-

Being their boss is the key for entrepreneurs. Famous entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Richard Branson show us that they are willing to suffer in the short term so that they can have total autonomy over their life and career in the long run. While our education system encourages us to have a planned day, strictly followed routines and chosen subjects with no scope of doing something of our own choice.

Entrepreneurship makes you think out of the box-

Entrepreneurship asks for lifelong self-education. Bullying is also a common enemy for those who are different in the school environment. Even trouble occurs if you question the authority for their actions. Entrepreneurship rejects the notion of the status quo and aims to make the world a better place. Thus, formal education is in total contrast to the idea of entrepreneurship and thus entrepreneurs’ dropout.

Despite your choice of dropping out or not, always remember


---------Steve Jobs

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