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When your pocket is full, you are treated like God…

Ankush Agiyal: Nobody can truly predict what he will truly grow up to be. While in childhood, we dream of so many things, as an adult things change. But I feel, I always wanted to be here, be an entrepreneur. The ultimate purpose was to make a name for me, and not just a name, I always aspired to be a millionaire. So, I would say that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Starting early always has an advantage over anything you do. My age was 16 when I decided to build my career being an entrepreneur. My journey, at 16-17 began with a direct selling company and then proceeded to affiliate marketing. Now at the age of 20-21, I started my own venture in affiliate marketing.

The mindset of Indian Parents is quite rigid. It takes a lot to bring change. Moreover, it is not just about them, it also takes a lot to bring a shift in mindset from within. Thus, the biggest challenge in my life was to bring that mindset, require myself to be an entrepreneur consistently as well as convince my parents that I am pursuing something fruitful.

Some of my achievements include earning 20lakh + from network marketing. Buying my own bike, and now starting my own company.

Starting early and working my way upwards, I have realized that everyone must and should start working. Earning money should be everyone’s primary aim. In this present time, no value is given to a person if he has got no money. And a person with money and fame is treated like God. I believe that the best thing to do is to think about building a career in Entrepreneurship and become a millionaire. After all, at the end of the day, all that matters is the money.


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