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Varun Arora | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

Commerce with morality is assumed to be a deadly sin, but proving this social saying wrong about entrepreneurship, he cherishes the business experiences of his family, engaging them in business referrals, elementary jobs regarding business start-ups, and, of course, using their emotional assistance as an asset, the founder of “EKOSTAY”, Mr. Varun Arora, a leading entrepreneur in the hospitality sector.

Experienced in the media industry, Varun's curiosity was induced in hospitality and entrepreneurship once his uncle proposed him work alongside his team. Engaged in building and designing villas and bungalows, Varun could see his psyche enlivened by entrepreneurship, and so he joined the industry. However, for the art to begin, it takes a tremendous deal of drive, devotion, and, of course, a long-term strategy, all of which Varun harnessed. With limited resources but strong family support, Varun started his entrepreneurial journey, which is not a life of Riley.

He is a firm believer in cultivating a healthy work atmosphere, keeping lines of communication open, empowering team members, and paying attention to employee engagement. Learning from his mistakes, Mr. Varun believes that “mistakes are inevitable as long as you learn from them and take constructive steps to reach greater levels of success.” During the lockdown, it was utterly impossible for EKOSTAY to be exalted.. Despite the shortcomings, he was able to rethink everything from the beginning and embrace the new as usual.

Carrying weight, what is EKOSTAY?

In a service-oriented sector that thrives in a fiercely competitive atmosphere while striving to create exceptional experiences to increase customer contentment and fealty, Ekostay provides bespoke villas and house stays for a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Ekostay is and has always been projected as the ideal vacation spot for friends and families to relax and make lasting memories.

We've grown into a homestay company with over 140 houses in 15 locations. Ekostay was formed in 2018 with the objective of fine-tuning the vacation demands of a pleasant and intimate home away from home.

With an unparalleled team, the employees ensure that the villas are carefully selected and installed in order to provide a true "Ekostay" experience.

To provide the finest-in-class services, they focus on elegant interiors, aesthetic decor, and trendy outdoor services. EKO Gold and EKO Luxe residences, which offer elegance, seclusion, comfort, and magnificence, have also been introduced. At Ekostay, the team prides itself on keeping our word and consistently introducing new homes for everyone to enjoy. Varun suggests authenticity and humanity pay handsomely in the long term, along with providing vital leadership and humanity lessons.

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