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Vandana Gupta| To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big...

Being a small-town girl, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. I belong to a lower-middle-class family where girls are married at the age of 18-20. But it was my dream to work something to have my own identity. I wanted to be independent and financially free. I continued my study and completed my MBA and got a job in a public sector bank.

After working for 12 years in banking services, I realized to be independent and to be happy with what I wanted to do. I lost my health in the rat race of life and became overweight and started facing many health challenges. So I wanted to be healthy and wealthy too. And I decided to be an entrepreneur as my career to get financially independent along with health.

My journey of becoming a health coach is when I realize have lost my health. I started working for my health by following a healthy lifestyle and lost 15 kilograms of weight in just 4 months. My transformation encouraged and motivated many people to become healthy and live a happy life. The blessings which I received from my clients motivated me to become a health coach and decided to choose my career as an entrepreneur.

Life is full of struggles and challenges and I faced them at every stage of my life to continue my study, to get a job. It is rightly said hard work always gives a reward. Through my consistent efforts and focus I overcome all my challenges and decided to be a businesswoman.

My achievements include being a certified master trainer and a health coach. Despite that, I got 2 promotions in my banking career, and I got identified as a change leader for my organization. I help people with weight loss now more than 50 people have reduced more than 300kg. I transformed many lives and invested my career in helping people live happy and healthy life.

One message for other emerging Entrepreneurs is Nothing is impossible in this world. If you work 100% to chase your dream your destiny will work 200%. The success of wealth and health you desired in your dreams will give you if you dare to.


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