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Vamsikrishna | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Similar to all other parents, even Vamsikrishna’s parents expected him to do a job in some reputed Organization with a good amount of salary, and a secure future. After completing his graduation with a Bachelor of Technology, he did a job before becoming an entrepreneur. “It was during the pandemic that I got hooked with entrepreneurship"

His experience taught him many things. “Don’t trust others blindly.” According to him, one should always maintain paperwork even though they are known persons in business.

He believes that in business you should hire quality and not quantity. It is important to maintain ethics in business. “If you follow the both in future you will be a successful person”, says he.

In the beginning, his family was hesitant toward his entrepreneurial initiatives and suggested he should continue with his job. “The interest I showed in a start-up made them support me in all aspects. I think in the present situation parents have to motivate a child to build the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur.”

In the initial stage, he started his business in an office with 160sqft and expanded the revenue generated by it. At present they have 3 branches where each has the capacity of accommodating up to 100 employees. He has built all of this in 2 years.

The challenges he faced while beginning the organization were many. “I started this organization without having any knowledge in the corresponding industry.” He used every second of these challenges to grow himself and his organization.

Today everything is changing rapidly in the world. And amidst this, people look forward to instant gratification. It is really necessary to work on your dreams hard to make them a reality. He says, “Don’t quit your dreams, no matter how hard it is.”


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