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Utkarsh Chauhan | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

The journey of UnlistedZone was started in the year 2018 by trios Mr. Umesh Paliwal, Mr. Santosh Rathore, and Mr. Dinesh Gupta. Mr. Umesh Paliwal and Mr. Santosh Rathore were college friends from the prestigious Army Institute of Tech, Pune. Mr. Dinesh Gupta, MCA by education, was a market veteran who was investing in the stock market from the age of 15. “We met in 2018 and discussed the idea of starting a business in unlisted space.” Currently, Mr. Umesh Paliwal looks after the Research work, Mr. Santosh Rathore is the marketing head and Mr. Dinesh Gupta looks after operations.

In the last 4 years of doing business, they also tried to start a business in another sector (Tourism), only to realize that as a founder one should only focus on one business at a time and that too where one has expertise. “Do not try to diversify in other fields. Try to innovate different products in the domain where you have expertise.”

Delegation is very important in an organization. Most of the founders fail when they try to do everything on their own i.e., hiring, management finance, building strategies, etc.

Currently, the business environment in India is favorable as compared to what it was 10-15 years ago. “If you have an idea just work on that passionately because the ecosystem to support your idea is now available in the Indian market.” The support system is not only in terms of money but also in the form of mentorship and guidance from industry experts are also available these days.

Initially, the founders of Unlisted Zone didn’t require any support from their family members. Their co-founder Mr. Santosh Rathore was already running his business of IT and digital marketing and helped them in the initial setup. “Families can support either by funding or by extending moral support that even if you fail in your startup we are always there with you. Family support is very much required to become successful.”

The major challenge that they have faced is hiring good talent from the market. The good talented people either go with big brands or ask for a higher package in the start-ups. “If your start-up is not funded like us, then getting good talented people is difficult. We have overcome this problem by hiring people who have passion and honesty to work. We have created a comprehensive training program for them as per the requirement of our business and after training, they are doing the work as per our expectation.”

While working on something one is passionate about, one should follow through with their passion, and always have a belief that one can do anything in this world.

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