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Urvashi Gupta| You always learn business lessons...

Since childhood, I was sure to be an entrepreneur. In my home, business was one of the most common topics to be discussed in the dinner conversation. Due to this, the entrepreneurial focus of our bringing made a lasting impact on me.

While pursuing a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management, I got interested in this field. Then I started to gather information and resources regarding the tourism industry. Also during my training period in a travel company, I experienced and learned about the insights of the travel industry.

Through my experience in the entrepreneurial journey, I believe starting a business is very easy. As it is all about having capital and a unique idea.

Another important aspect is building trust with customers. I believe in any business, the customer is the pillar of the strength. And the fundamental unit which every company tries to build a customer is trust. Nothing can elevate this particular factor when it comes to dealing with the market. Every company has a target group for its products or services.

The message to other budding entrepreneurs is to Continue to Learn- There is no such end to learning. Every businessman should be in the process of learning. One may be highly experienced in the process of running a business yet discovering new things is always a good exercise. In the case of young entrepreneurs, learning is an essential factor because only this can help them to polish their business skills.


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