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UPSC man, Mr. Siva Tejaswar Reddy, Turned Successful Entrepreneur and founded !

Siva Tejeswar Reddy: “Us Indians often dream of pursuing sports or UPSC but the society is usually not supportive of the former and the probability is low for the latter. While I was always interested in starting my own venture, I never gave it a serious thought and was more focused on UPSC. I gave my UPSC attempt in 2018 which I couldn’t clear. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as moved on to pursue a professional MBA program from NALSAR University of Law.

That is where the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown. An idea that originated from plain boredom and the fact that I had to travel 10-15 km for a good meal turned into something serious. I started observing the existing anatomy of the F&B ecosystem more closely and I did my dissertation on some large food delivery apps.

We started our journey as a food delivery platform with more convenient delivery models but had to pivot a couple of times to be more relevant in the F&B Space. The journey of making the business model stable, viable and sustainable was challenging but thoroughly enjoyable. After a few failed and a few more successful experiments, today we are in a position to launch our full-scale F&B service model very soon. People can connect us through our website or social media and we are searchable on Google.

You can reach them here at:

Our business idea is to make daily culinary convenient. We currently have 4 brands under our “Tag Your Kitchen” initiative and are delivering food D2C B2C and B2B. The fact that we not only survived but thrived during the 2 COVID waves is probably a testament to our business model and in itself is one of our biggest achievements!

Owning up to the responsibility of success or failure keeps us honest and clear in decision-making. Never let emotions decide business decision outcomes.”

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