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Tushar Thaware | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Tushar, son of ‘Wood King Maharashtra’, also continued in his father’s footsteps by expanding the business at the tender age of nineteen. He is a college-dropout and fully focusses on his entrepreneurial part of life. His family finds themselves right in agreeing to support him and reap the results in pride. Thaware says that one’s close relatives and friends can extend their help to budding businessmen by offering mentorship, providing financial support and be an aid to balance work-life environment.

One of the major challenges faced by Tushar was to establish a strong payment cycle and prevent losses through miscommunication. He worked on his influential skills and tried this best to bring the consumser on the same page. He also mentions timing as an obstacle because it was difficult to dispatch orders within the deadline. In the due course of time, they upgraded technology and increased manpower to cope up.

Confidence is one of the major factors involved in building a plausible business because if the creator does not have faith in the product, the service or himself, it is common for the client to not trust you. In order to build that confidence an entrepreneur should be given some guidance because without a light to guide a boat, even the best of them are bound to sink.

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