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Tushar Kansal, Kansaltancy Ventures Bridging Dreams and Investments with $50 Million Raised!

Tushar Kansal, a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background in engineering, finance, and corporate leadership, has successfully steered his entrepreneurial ventures to new heights. From his early days in small towns of Uttar Pradesh to becoming the CFO of DLI, owned by Guggenheim Partners, Tushar's journey reflects resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to creating value. In 2016, he founded Kansaltancy Ventures (, now a leading investment bank specializing in venture capital, debt, mergers and acquisitions, consulting, and virtual CFO services.

He emphasizes the importance of not taking initial victories for granted, choosing the right specialization, valuing practical skills over degrees, and taking complete responsibility as an entrepreneur. He underscores the significance of acknowledging those who support and help, advising to always trust but verify.

He sees entrepreneurship as a means to create value for others, echoing the Bhagwad Gita's principle of doing duties without attachment to the fruits. Tushar credits his family, particularly his wife, for playing a pivotal role in his success, providing valuable support and advice. While some receive financial and relationship support, others may face different challenges. He emphasizes the importance of families showing belief in their children, acting as a crucial emotional safety net in the unpredictable entrepreneurial journey.

He has a success journey that spans over 22 years, marked by various achievements, including exits from businesses and accolades for Kansaltancy Ventures. He candidly discusses challenges faced in different ventures, from competition and quality issues to transitioning a well-known brand into a diversified suite of services.

Today, Kansaltancy Ventures has helped over 5000 Startups & Growth-stage companies & has raised more than $50 million from its network of 450+ Venture Capital Funds & Financial Institutions

Kansaltancy Ventures serves as a bridge between change-makers and their dreams. Offering services ranging from venture capital and debt to virtual CFO and consulting, the company aims to ensure no worthy idea goes unfulfilled, thereby contributing to the realization of entrepreneurial dreams. The most inspiring aspect of Tushar's journey is his unwavering persistence. Despite setbacks, rejections, and challenges, he persisted in pursuing his goals, from academic achievements to successful exits and the establishment of Kansaltancy Ventures.

He encourages the youth to be honest with themselves, find work they love, and strive with dedication. He highlights the golden period of India's growth, urging the youth to actively participate in addressing the country's challenges and leveraging opportunities for success.

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