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The Story of Palak Sharma, and how she's transforming her lives.

Palak Sharma: “During my graduation, I started researching rare health issues and came across many people, especially women, who chose to give up instead of taking steps towards improving their health. I completed a certification in nutrition and was motivated to start a health and wellness community that would help people know more about their health and how they should work on it. That was when I started which is a fitness platform for women. Through this initiative, I guide in fitness and nutrition along with fitness programs for strength, cardio, HIIT, and aerobics. I have also made nutrition diet plans and recipes available. I provide one-on-one consultations as well as video session workouts. It does not only focus on fat loss but also works to improve overall health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. This proved to be very helpful for people and people started reaching out to me for sessions and plans. Now I have global clients all over India, the USA, and Germany.

I understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the choices we make in terms of food. In the same way, I want people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating & healthy living habits.

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Along with my passion for fitness, I was very interested in fashion, styling, and jewelry. To bring life to this passion of mine as well, I started my jewelry line called Paluxe Jewels. It is an Indian jewelry brand that represents exquisite designs and exclusive style with a range of western, ethnic, and indo-western collections."

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