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The Inspiring Story Of Tejas Chokshi.

Tejas Chokshi: By virtue of being born in a Gujarati Family, number crunching and discussing numbers always was a good discussion point with friends and relatives. Some of my relatives were Chartered Accountants and this probably sowed the seed in my mind to be a Chartered Accountant at an early age. After my CA, I worked for a period of around 5 years in banks at various levels in corporate planning and businesses, gaining strong exposure in the area of business finance and corporate finance products, both in India and abroad.

I gained a lot of insights into the relationship between small businesses and banking and the challenges faced by the same. I felt that working for a corporate was limiting my work area and I wanted to do a lot more. In 2011, I began my entrepreneurship journey with self-belief and professional competence as my weapons. I started with advising MSME and SMEs on specific transactions and also working as their virtual CFOs. With the passage of time and with extensive in-house research, new services were added, looking at the clients’ requirements and the present market situations.

The biggest challenge in my initial years was that of building credibility. Many listed corporates and large clients often had doubts about my capability to deliver the desired results. My approach then was to not get disheartened but to continue with my efforts, initially working with smaller clients and also working consistently on building my professional knowledge.

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My team and I have been able to create a good impact with better employment generation in the client companies in the areas of Information Technology companies, Manufacturing domain, New Technology Innovation, Technology transfers, putting in place fresh ideas before authorities for better understanding and there-by getting in required financial support. I believe that success and failure are the choices we make. Keep walking your path and you will see the whole world walk with you soon.

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