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The Incredible Journey of Sai Abhinav.

Sai Abhinay: “If all of us pursued our passion, the world could have been much better… Most people wish they could live by their passion. I was fortunate enough to work upon with my passion. I started three start-up companies right after I graduated from my college. My ventures did not begin in one day. It was always in my genes. My grandfather and father are a businessman. They were always looking to help people out there. This inspired me to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur. I completed my Bachelors in Engineering from the Lovely Professional University. After completing my education, I launched the three start-ups one after the other.

I began my first start-up, Make It Memorable, to provide jobs to unskilled people who lacked exposure and are underprivileged. With proper guidance and training, we helped several people to crack the interviews successfully. My company looks forward to organizing several events and seminars where corporates are invited to interview these upcoming employees.

The first placement of Make It Memorable happened in LPU with the help of my Professors. Around 40 people managed to get jobs with great packages, some about 5.5L per annum. So far, my company managed to provide jobs to 100+ youngsters, who wanted to be photographers, videographers, and other professions. The better part here is that no charge is taken from these would-be employees as they are already in financial instability. Our aim is to help people out there. Next comes Fresh Spout, this start-up manufactures products such as combs, toothbrushes, straws made out of bamboo. We also make numerous other products from waste by using recycling technology.

We create these eco-friendly products in Bihar, which are sold across different parts of India. Interested people can buy these products in shops or online – Fresh Spout, WhatsApp or can call us. Although it has only been six months, this start-up has already started generating profits. With increased interest in organic farming, next, we launched ENVIRO-PROMISE. It helps farmers grow their crops organically while using recent technologies. The start-up helps in training farmers in parts of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and a few other states. We teach them about ways to keep the farmland fertile and reduce farming expenses. My company so far has helped over 50 farmers until now.

I am proud of my efforts, and besides the accolades also have spoken for my work. I won the Emerging Entrepreneur Award from SWI International Awards in 2019, the Youngest Ideal Entrepreneur 2018, Emerging Entrepreneur 2019, and Best Youngest Innovative Entrepreneur 2020.

Currently, we are working on an app that is designed to help farmers improve their agricultural techniques. The suggestions provided by experts will be based on the farmland soil, the environment, and farming techniques as used in the native state. This app will be multi-lingual so that every farmer can understand it and is going to be launched soon. I also have plans to launch my work in the rural villages of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to educate the population about the importance of learning. Besides raising funds for my start-up, I am also negotiating with the T-Hub.

My companies strive to promote employment, maintain sustainable living and encourage organic farming. I am looking forward to making more such improvements in the upcoming days to better serve society back.

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