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Thakur Village, Are you ready for a Premium run experience?

These last 3 years have been challenging and pushed us all to the limit in every way possible. But what we will remember is how we all emerged stronger, carved new opportunities, and forged our journey ahead. After a 2 years pause due to the pandemic, it is with gratitude and pleasure we bring you the grand 2023 edition of the Thakur Village Annual Run with features from the best marathons of India.

Running regularly can provide consistent boosts to your overall feelings of happiness. Running can be a method of making your body and mind feel better. Running boosts your mood and reduces anxiety and depression.

When you run, blood circulation to the brain is increased and the part of your brain that responds to stress and improves your mood is affected.

Participate and join the movement of Run Thakur Village! To book your slot, visit

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