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Techvolution | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine Article of Tusharjeet Bhardwaj

Born and brought up in the national capital, Tusharjeet Bhardwaj is the proprietor and Founder of SAURYA URJA TECHNOLOGY. He was appointed as the National Vice-President of the Solar System Integrators Association, The Vice-Chairman (Advisory Board) of One Group Company, Africa, and the Coach café at The University of Sheffield. “I believe an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, says Tushar. During his master’s at the University of Sheffield, he was elected as the Departmental Counsellor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

They started their company with a vision to become one of the leading clean and Renewable energy companies by providing sustainable solutions and quality through the deployment of Technology and Innovation in a socially responsible manner. Failures are part of the journey of being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has got to accept to learn from it and embrace it and grow through it. “Entrepreneurship is a journey, and it seems like everyone goes through it a little bit differently. Some move through the process fast, stumbling into success in a matter of weeks after executing a brilliant idea. Others move slowly, spending decades of their lives perfecting the art”, says Tusharjeet.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you should be ready to face rejections. The life of an entrepreneur is never easy, your ideas will be neglected, people will demotivate you now and then, criticisms will flow in if you fail people will comment, but if you are passionate about your work, if you have a clear vision and mission set for yourself, negativities won’t bother you and you will always see positives In the negatives too. Tushar believes, “Your positive actions combined with positive thinking results in success.”

Tushar has a very supportive family. “If my father is the backbone of the company, my mother and my sister, are the souls.” He acknowledges that what he is today is because of his family members.The biggest resource for an Entrepreneur is not just money, but, his knowledge, his abilities, his determination, and most importantly the vision and the mission he had set for his company. Previously, he worked for a company paying him 12LPA, but deep down he knew he want his yearly package to be his monthly income. “I wanted Saurya Urja Technology to be a BRAND.”

There are no guarantees or shortcuts to success. Nobody is going to give it to you; one has to work hard for their dream.

To win big, you have to take calculated risks. “I feel in the beginning learn from your mistakes and research your market.”


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