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Swetha Dixit Mehta | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

A bitter pill to swallow, but an increasing number of youth’s health issues are taking the wind out of their sails. While hospitals are busy stuffing themselves up with patients’ money, these allopathic medicines are making humans into experimental robots. With long-term side effects, there remains a myth that these allopathic medicines are meteoric healers. So, to halt this myth, we interviewed the lady, Mrs. Swetha Dixit Mehta, born and bred in Chennai, now settled in Mumbai, setting foot with an agenda to spread awareness about Ayurveda.

Swetha believed in healing her body spiritually and decided to step forward into the world of natural remedies, which she believed did magic and miracles, recovering mortals' medical issues in a quick fix without any aftereffects.

Shweta is also the author and writer of the book "THE MAGIC WAND " which was distributed to all groups of Jain monks and nuns worldwide. As they avoid medicine, they've 108 easy ancient healing techniques which can be practiced on oneself for good health. The Pandemic made her realize " Why to rely on anyone when you can be your own doctor ". So she came up with this book for people's betterment.

Swetha floats through the air like a lovely swan, urging people to know and appreciate their bodies and then seek healing via seminars and workshops. She was one of her entire lineage to take the path of alternative medicine. From classes in her bedroom to seminars at state, national, and international levels, she flourished and came up with a wellness center called “CURICO”. Now that required her to hunt down an up-to-scratch guruji and ancient books with fine knowledge.

Her business relates to the amelioration of the body through internal forces. Different alternate medical salves, acupressure, acupuncture, seed therapy, magnet therapy, color therapy, mudra therapy, sound therapy, water therapy, nutrition, Ayurveda, and meditation are some of the treatments Curico provides. Candle wax is used to relieve ear aches, which is a novel approach.

Swetha in the fellowship with her husband also runs an NGO based on philanthropy called “CELEBRATE LIFE”. Every excellent concept that enters a person's head is guided by her in terms of what one should do, when one should do it, and the best way to accomplish it. Her non-profit organization has now existed for seven years.

They’ve made a lot of charitable contributions, and they are still showered with blessings. Since its inception, they’ve hosted more than 1,000 events.

They support women, birds, and animals, as well as the elderly, the environment, the crippled, and students in need by providing them with chairs and other forms of assistance.

Swetha believes charitable acts don't always have to be financial; they may be as simple as giving your toys, teaching a skill, or making someone laugh; and with this belief, she strives forward.

Swetha Adds, "Work towards uplifting your soul as well as others. You are here for a reason. Find your purpose of life and spread your light. I am thankful that I discovered my purpose of life."

"Kuch aisa karke dikha, khud khush ho jaye khuda"

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