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Swati Chakrabarty | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Grown in a small town, Swati Chakrabarty was an early fan of creation. Thinking out the box, channelizing her own ideas and connecting with people intrigued admiration.

She is the Director Operations of the PR and Marketing Agency, Candid Communication and a Director of the Abroad Education Consultancy venture, EduGlobal.

One cannot afford to be complacent in life for it is too

short for complaining. Swati describes a negative outlook on discouragements as pointless.

You should welcome constructive criticism and keep the flow of positive energy running in your conscience.

Chakrabarty emphasizes strongly on relevance because as long as you are on par with modernism, you can keep track of times. Innovation and smart work are two resources that help one last. Confidence and passion are two that help one grow.

Time is the greatest teacher. It taught her to deal with problems, handle suggestions and cope up with failures.

The main problems staring women, who wish to work, in the eye are creating a balance and fear of stereotypes. With a little support from close ones, they could work wonders against prejudice.

Crucially, one should understand that businesses are not made huge overnight.

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