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Sushant Ranjan | The Entrepreneurs of India Influencer Magazine September 2022

Entrepreneurship and passion are just two sides of one coin. They are kith and kin of the journey of an entrepreneur. Here Sushant Ranjan, the Chief Operating- Officer of IFLUX IIT & MEDICAL ACADEMY, inspired by his passion, drives to create something new. Sushant always attributes to the lessons he has learnt in his journey. Hailing from a middle-class background, things were not all roses for him, and even at times, financial instability caused greater distress. However, his entire team has been pleased and aware that things are been progressing for the better.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a coward’s job and despite the hurdles, he never backs down. “My family is very supportive of me. They always push me to be better.”

It is of great significance that the entrepreneur must understand his customers and understand their questions and address their problems. He says, “When you know what they want, try to provide the best in their lives.” Sushant completed his 10th from Saharsa and then set onto his foot to India’s dream city- Mumbai.

Although his family pushes him to be better, initially it was a road full of thorns. While starting out, he tried to share his vision with his parents, but instead of looking up to his vision, they discouraged him. “They said to me that don’t make a fool of yourself, rather get on with a job and begin your life in a new way.” Even his parents demanded that he should pursue MBBS, but presently, he is pursuing BTech from GNIOT, Noida.

Understanding the futility of trying to explain to his parents, he decided not to bring that topic up again. All-in-all, he saved up some money given by his family and some part of it from his coding job, blogging etc, but did not inform them about starting his business.

IFLUX plays a very important role in his life and his whole Journey as an Entrepreneur, he learnt more and more from IFLUX about how to give a new way to start up. Sushant was always a person with a business mindset, doing a job was never his cup of tea. Besides being a businessperson, he is also a Speaker and conducts 15+ speeches in several institutes and junior schools.

Sushant derives his creative vision to become an entrepreneur from his uncle Mr Prabhat Ranjan and his father Mr Santosh Kumar. These persons played a very important role in his life. He learnt a lot about life and business from them. “They are crucial mentors, whose presence helped me reach where I’m today.”

Through IFLUX, Sushant and his team tried to provide the best quality of education to the students for pursuing their best carrier.

As an entrepreneur who had walked down the path of thorns very well know that you have got to be strong in every situation in your life. “I believe the ability to never give up and stay motivated towards your goals can cause wonders.”

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