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Surabhi Kedia | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

While thought exists, words are alive and literature becomes an escape, not from but into living, a statement given by Cyrill Connolly. The eloquence of words can put the light at the end of someone's long tunnel life. But the difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean. This is what requires creativity to put the right things in the right place at the right time, which a penman or a scrivener does. These days, scriveners are referred to as “content writers," which is a profession in high demand.

But combining the profession with business is a talent that our perspicacious content writer, Surabhi Kedia, has. A vivacious, Pollyanna, and whiz-kid woman has a sweet spot for word-ensorcelling and enjoys learning!

Born and brought up in a Marwari liberal family, Surabhi wasn’t sure about taking up CA as a permanent career, despite her joy in knowing no bounds when she could match the balance sheets.

This confusion was eliminated by her parents, who were up for backing her up. After this, she tried her hand at event management, and it was then that her teacher saw her potential in writing through a dissertation project and offered her a paid internship. She enjoyed writing, which would also get her some extra pocket money.

Robust support from her husband throughout her entrepreneurial journey didn't let her fall before challenges. When working alone, the organization was not her priority. When she made the initial step to becoming a company owner and began onboarding her power ladies, the organization was the greatest obstacle.

But what kept her going was the nicest part about being a writer: there are no barriers based on one's age, education, or experience. Some of the best authors she has encountered are as young as 12, while others are in their mid-to-late-fifties; they range from stay-at-home moms to successful engineers. And now she is operating an organization successfully.


In a nutshell, Surabhi’s work revolves around words. Without the appropriate language, no firm or person will be able to sell or grow. To put it another way, "We, at SurabhiCreates; give a voice to businesses that deliver the right message to your audience and strike the right cords of their hearts" says Surabhi.

With a laptop and the internet, she began, but fears grabbed her, holding her back, but still, she believed in concentrating on her path rather than doubting herself by looking at others. Surabhi concluded by saying," Have a Belief in yourself and God's purpose for you."

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