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Super Model, Dinesh Mohan Participates in TEOI Awards 2021!

Yes, the renowend and super talented Super Model, Dinesh Mohan participates in TEOI Awaards 2021!

Lost, completely lost, there was no balance left. This was the exact feeling after he had put on a weight of 120+ kg and couldn't move out of bed. He wasn't always like this.

But the shock hit him when he realized that he had lost the balance of his body and could move no more. Everything has an endpoint, and only today does he realize he was the one who himself was wasting his remaining life.

And after 12 long years, Dinesh had a deep realization about himself. With some help, he got up and took steps to change his way of Life. With a diet plan and workout, he shredded 56kgs!

But the aah-haa moment of his life was about to come. There was a journalist next door, who published an article on his transformation. Fortunately for him, a model agency took notice of it.

And that day when Dinesh for the first time stood behind the lens, he realized this was it, this is what he is meant to be, a model turned actor at 60. And that day onwards he never looked back.

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Let’s participate and create History!