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Success can be achieved at any age! Sangeeta Gangwani | We 2 Future

Sangeeta Gangwani: I was born and brought up in a family of entrepreneurs, I have seen everyone in the family taking their own decisions and flourishing in their fields. This inspired me to start something of my own and flourish in it.

Although my family was an entrepreneurial one, I was married into a joint family. Besides my kids, I had an array of responsibilities. But once my kids became independent, I decided to follow my dreams. At the age of 45, I started studying again. Then I launched my company in January 2020 and since then there has been no looking back.


My vision is to guide children and students toward their dream future. Guiding children on the way to their dreams and getting the parents on the same page as their children, is my mission. 

Initially, my journey was tough and it looked as if going nowhere because of the pandemic. I got my breakthrough only after things went back to normal.

Today parents have understood the need for a career counselor and the plethora of opportunities they can put toward their child. Fortunately, I have got the unique skill of being able to customize growth plans as per my client’s needs.

Everyone has a dream of success and every parent wants their kid to be successful. I try to fulfill these desires wholeheartedly. However, the biggest challenge was to get both a consensus on the future career plan of the children. Challenges are part of our journey and help us to grow.

I have guided students from teens to working professionals in their career decisions.

From plans to go abroad or choosing their subjects, dream college, or whatever it is, I tried to put a smile on their face by giving them more clarity in their thoughts regarding their future.  stream selection, college selection, aptitude tests, psychometric tests to upgradation your current profile. The satisfaction I receive from helping them can’t simply be explained in words.

It is a kind note to other people struggling out there, just know that age is just a number and challenges are what make our life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.


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