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Story of BlissfullWomen.

Early in childhood, living in a big joint family I learned empathy, cooperation, and contribution towards my family and society, I never planned to be an entrepreneur but always thought of ways to give back to society and country, thus Blissful Women;we focus to reach n help every lady in the ladies washroom by the installation of Sanitary napkins vending & burning machines. We also spread awareness to shift to eco friendly- Cloth Sanitary pads/menstrual Cups ,help & provide them at their door step.

From 2019, with my partner Mr. Divij Shah Blissful Women, has installed more than 140 machines in various buildings like Children academy, Thakur group of schools & colleges, Kamala Vihar sports club, Kandivali, The Resort, Akshay Beach, Borivali Post office, & recently 6 machines at MHADA bldg Bandra and worked with more than 35000 girls.

Since 2019, Blissful Women since incorporation, the start up aims at infusing a new thought in society,

we visited many schools and offices spreading awareness as to why sanitary napkin vending machines and burning machines should be a part of the modern washrooms as today’s women stay out of their houses for more than 10-12 hours. In an era full of electronic gadgets, this basic hygiene facility is their right. Slowly many understood our thoughts & installed machines themselves & led us to more clients.

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Do u Donate for a good cause?

Do u know 60 % Rural India have no Access to proper period Products and use rags, Use clothes Husk powder, cow dung , ash cakes etc. To hold period Blood. They are also the major culprits to have Urinary tract infections.

Blissful Women MAKES cloth sanitary pads and distributes them in these areas with awareness.

Cloth napkins are reusable for 2 years. They can be just washed, Sun-dried and Reused, thus,the lady becomes independent for 2 years and also creates 0 waste in the environment. These cloth pads are also 94% biodegradable after 2 years, if put in their landfills.

Join BW donation drive 500 cloth napkins

8th March Women's Day

Adopt a period. Gpay : 8169811079 Divij shah

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