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Soharab Fazli | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine December 2022

Even though Soharab comes from a family that is well-off, he cannot express the sudden rush of emotions he felt when he received his first salary. He was proud to call it his hard-earned money and like any other son would, he bought something for his parents from that income.

The thought of unemployment struck him at that point. It was disturbing to realise that some young adults could not experience this wonderful feeling because of being deprived of job opportunities. It was then that the idea of providing employment came to the entrepreneur-in-waiting.

Soharab dropped out of college for he felt that the textbook-oriented learning there was oppressive and not practical. He felt it could not be put to good use in the near future and decided to go with the urge of stepping foot in the real world.

He gathered information from other sources through means of willingness and curiosity. He feels obliged to be under the influence of open-minded teachers who taught him the importance of making an impact through the right path.

Figuring out the execution of a plan, meeting everyone’s expectations, and doing it all with a positive attitude are definitely one of the most demanding challenges faced by Soharab. According to him, getting to observe the critics and naysayers was fruitful because they brought out the best in him.

Soharab is highly influenced by Quoting Morgan Housel from ‘The Psychology of Money’, who Says “The highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say, ‘I can do whatever I want, when I want, with whom I want and for as long as I want.’ This, more than your salary, more than the size of your hours, more than the prestige of your job, more than anything, is the highest dividend money pays.”

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"I don't consider Materialistic possessions and awards as achievements for a balanced and untethered state of mind is the greatest thing one could achieve." Says Soharab.

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