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Shweta Pathak | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

As Shweta's parents of love for collecting gemstones made her curious and then from a B.E. (computer science) 2002, MPIT (Symbiosis Pune) 2004 and Ex. MBA from IIFT Delhi, worked in IT for 7 years which includes IBM (IGSI, Pune) got many recognition like key talent, quality ambassador etc., AgileIT and her last stint with IT in Techmahindra in strategy group.

She started her new journey being lucky to get her first teacher as Jayshree Panjikar, she laid her foundation stone by teaching her gemology, she gave lot of practical knowledge with hands on practical and industry visit, then for diamond grading again she chose best in industry did her diploma course from GIA in Diamond grading , then rest courses and learning followed.

She commenced her journey by showcasing gemstones strings and jewellery at the Gehna Exhibition, Pune. Her first collection will always be a memorable one appreciation she received back for her, the then had encouraged her to strengthen their core values. Her intention was to establish a luxury brand that is known for its authenticity and uniqueness.

Raising a brand is different from general retail business ,Good Practices are not option but integrated part of your practice when you are raising a Brand .You have to choose a segment, device strategies around it. You have to decide on quality of your product offerings based on your market segment and brand value. Any opportunity asking for compromises on your quality do see if the short term gain is worth risking your whole brand value.

Family is always the backbone of life, though she ensurhed to make the business thrive on its own, keeping private and professionals financial separate. But apart from that she had immense moral and emotional support. Protection, guidelines, ensuring she stayed grounded and do not forget her other roles and responsibilities in life ,family played the most important role for getting her where she is right now.

She conveys, "Life is a treasure, and we are being given our privileges and roles. Play your role well and enjoy your privileges along with. Choose your industry, business model, segment and then adhere yourself to the vision without dilution. Vision and Mission are crucial to your path."


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