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Roma Swapan Biswas | The Entrepreneurs of India April 2024 Edition # 15

Updated: Apr 30

Roma Swapan Biswas, a former luminary of the banking world, whose journey from the corridors of finance speaks of variety, inspiration, and success. 

Born into a family deeply rooted in spiritual traditions, Roma's journey was marked by an indomitable yearning to illuminate the world with the light of love and healing. Despite scaling the heights of success during her illustrious 37-year tenure at the esteemed State Bank of India, she harbored a quiet certainty that her true calling lay beyond the confines of her corporate existence. Thus, in the pivotal year of 2016, fueled by an unwavering sense of purpose, she embarked on a courageous odyssey, bidding farewell to the security of her professional tenure to pursue her passion for holistic healing.

Her odyssey of self-discovery commenced with humble yet profound practices such as Reiki, Yoga, and Pranic Healing. Yet, it was a serendipitous encounter with her spiritual mentor that catalyzed a profound metamorphosis within her soul. Under the sage guidance of her mentor, she delved into the mystical realms of Sound Healing, a sacred practice that resonated with the very essence of her being.

Through the crucible of her own transformative journey, Roma gleaned pearls of wisdom that she now bestows upon others with grace and generosity. She extols the virtue of perpetual learning and self-improvement, urging fellow travelers to embrace the tapestry of their uniqueness and live authentically in alignment with their inner truths. "Know your Ikigai and embrace your Life Purpose," she advises, infusing her counsel with the wisdom gleaned from her own sacred voyage.

At the heart of Samarpan Healing Spa beats a pulse of community and camaraderie, nurtured by Roma's steadfast dedication and the benevolent blessings of her spiritual guides. Together with her cherished Samarpan family and the supportive network cultivated through her affiliation with BNI, she fosters an environment of collective growth and shared abundance.

Yet, Roma's journey of empowerment extends beyond the realms of healing alone. As the proprietress of Fabmech Engineer, she embodies the spirit of versatility and entrepreneurial acumen, crafting a legacy of excellence and innovation. Through this venture, she continues to offer bespoke products and services, enriching the lives of those she serves with unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication.

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