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Shweta Davda | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

The field of education is more difficult and vaster than it seems. It gets difficult to manage the stress of more than 30 students at a time and parents and their expectations are an added pressure too. It is extremely necessary to maintain a peaceful environment, that will eventually create a wholesome and positive space for the growth and progress of a student.

16 years ago, when Davda started in the field, resources were scarce. Establishing herself as a teacher, gaining trust from parents, and the most recent challenge of conducting classes online, and finding creative ways to engage a child’s mind through a computer screen were some of the challenges that Davda has faced through the years. But these challenges are a small price to pay and become worth it when she sees her children growing, coming out with flying colors, and

achieving their goals. Mistakes and challenges have only made Davda realize that she is not

one to give up in the face of adversity, she will always stand up for herself no matter what the


The field of education and the job of a teacher is one that often goes under-appreciated, overlooked, and underestimated. Teachers give unconditionally not just to the students but also to the educational institutions they’re employed at, and even the parents of the students. Entrepreneur Shweta Davda has been in the field of education for the past 16 years. When she began working in the field, she didn’t have any motive or purpose, but today her entrepreneurial venture “Brilliant Minds” has become a part of her life. “Brilliant Minds” guides and mentors students from various fields and helps them achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Davda is a counseling psychologist and therapist, an FSSAI-certified dietician and nutrition coach, as well as a PAN-certified yoga expert. She has always adopted a holistic approach, she considers not only physical health but also mental health and helps clients overcome their problems and the challenges that they face. “Brilliant Minds” is open to everyone and Davda doesn’t discriminate. Children with learning disabilities, and partially blind children, all find a place for themselves at Brilliant Minds irrespective of their backgrounds.

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