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Shreya Neeraj Sharma | The Entrepreneurs of India Selfmade Magazine November 2022

Shreya got the idea to start ‘Rest The Case’ when she was studying Law in the UK and noticed how legal services were readily available on the Internet there, unlike India. So, she thought of figuring the problem out and finding an easier way for people to connect with lawyers based on personalised requirement.

During the lockdown, she developed this One Stop Solution which offered services right from the beginning of a case to the end. Her vision was to help people avoid running from pillar to post for law related information, and have a reliable source they could turn to instead.

One of the biggest challenges faced was to form a team of loyal and trusted people, ones who cared about the company just as much as she did. Another was, getting people to trust her site for it was not abnormal for people to fear asking legal help.

For anyone who wishes to begin with entrepreneurship, her advice would be to only work with something which the people need, something that fulfils a purpose. Also, to have complete information of what you’re dealing with rather than researching about it absent-mindedly. “There’s a lot you can do if you put your mind to it.”

‘Rest the Case’ is a legal aggregator platform available in over 200 cities nationwide. It is a one of a kind tech platform that helps make law accessible and easy for everyone by providing lawyers that are verified with years of experience.

Sharma always believed in herself and so did her family. It takes just one flame to start a fire, and this fire she started is going to help so many keep themselves warm.



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