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"Shouray Soni | There is no kind of luck in the business..."

There is no kind of luck in the business. There is only drive, determination, and more drive.

Being an entrepreneur I believe to explore different categories in every field. The thought of becoming an entrepreneur came from my family background of goldsmith family business through generations. But I always wanted to work in the development of waste management categories.

At the age of 18, my company valuation is 80 crores. And working in the sector which helps my country to achieve a developing phase is my achievement.

We offer the most affordable fuels in India to the customer. As per the global report of the services, only 40% of fuels are left in India and then there we arise the huge process of chemical science transferring carbohydrate-rich substances into fuels that can be used as the direct alternative to petrol and diesel without undergoing any change in the existing engines.

The message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is whenever you plan for something, never think about plan b. Always be oriented in the single stream you can go for doing a single task in many ways but never focus on changing the task. Plan b always spoils the main plan because you have a substitute.

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