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Shivangi Jain | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Being a political science student, Shivangi was constantly captivated about the world governmental issues and organization. So, growing up she craved to serve as a civil worker and experience that honour. During her post-graduation she got an opportunity to work with the Indian Institute of Public Administration. However, the lockdown had different plans for her. While everyone was trying new things, Jain gained information on Marketing & Communication. Post her culmination of marketing and brand management from IIM Raipur, she worked with organisations like Weber Shandwick and The Mavericks. A few months later she left her job as a Reputation Analyst and dived into the world of skincare. With expertise and tips from her mother, Shivangi ran a business called ‘Sharon Beauty.’

She says that one should never turn up anywhere in your industry without proper research. Updates and data are extremely vital resources that help fit in this fast-evolving world.

Doubt got the better of her at times making Shivangi feel unfit for entrepreneurship but she kept the desire burning even on days when she was burnt out.

Being considerate and making the customer feel respected are keys to enhance your career. There is also a dire need to be transparent and quality-oriented.

“It’s a blessing to have parents who are friends first.” According to Jain both the parent and the child should be grounded in reality, a child should never stop dreaming big and a parent should never stop the child from dreaming big.

Obviously, business demands capital and knowledge. Both these things become challenges for rising entrepreneurs however, determination and an optimistic mind-set can help jump these hurdles.

Self-distrust and frustration are toxic for anyone, especially when they are embedded by others. A woman listens to taunts and no’s more frequently than men lest she turns a deaf ear on them. Now, women-led start-ups are eliminating the gap between the two genders and setting an example of leadership.

Shivangi’s company is about producing skin-friendly and nourishing products. Sharon Beauty offers vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free products developing a hydrating and soothing effect on the skin.

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