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Shambhavi | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

Shambhavi stands as a celebrated figure within her realm, a testament to her charismatic personality and a journey that spans diverse educational backgrounds to the pinnacle of success in the business world—a narrative both inspiring and commendable.

Her trajectory was shaped early on when her parents bestowed upon her the precious right to choose her educational path. This liberty paved the way for a successful career, culminating in a role with The Oberoi Bangalore.   However, Shambhavi's evolution did not halt there; as time progressed, she underwent a transformative journey that led her to a profound realization. She recognized that the greatest legacy she could pass on to her child was not just a stable job but an entrepreneurial mindset. This revelation ignited the spark that propelled her towards entrepreneurship.

Shambhavi's achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she has earned accolades and found her name featured in renowned national publications such as The Bombay Times, Femina, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan. Moreover, her presence graces a coffee table book titled "Beautiful Powai" and the second volume of "Eves against the Odds." Not content with her accomplishments, she has also authored a book named "Aura," a tribute to the power of women who have ascended to the zenith of their fields. The motivation for this literary endeavor arose from Shambhavi's own journey, where she felt the absence of a platform to share and celebrate her experiences. In response, she sought to create a platform for accomplished individuals to share their insights and for aspiring individuals to find inspiration.

Contrary to conventional support, Shambhavi faced initial hesitance from her family due to a lack of awareness about the dynamics of successful startups. She advocates for families to comprehend and endorse budding entrepreneurs, fostering an environment conducive to risk-taking. With over 25 years of experience, Shambhavi has navigated the intricacies of business with resilience and innovation.  Her entrepreneurial journey, unplanned and unconventional, serves as a testament to the unpredictability of such paths. Departing from the conventional trajectory of education and corporate work, Shambhavi's story is both interesting and inspirational.

Her journey took an unexpected turn during her college years when she grappled with dysphemia, commonly known as stammering. Overcoming this challenge was a life-changing experience that shook her confidence. However, with determination and the support of her college, she not only conquered her speech impediment but also earned acknowledgment and awards for being an inspiration.

During her MBA, Shambhavi honed the skills that would pave the way for her entrepreneurial journey. She acknowledges the absence of a single recipe for success, emphasizing the uniqueness of individual journeys. Drawing inspiration from Lao Tzu, she believes that A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step—a realization that led her to develop her entrepreneurial skills during college. Consistency has been Shambhavi's mantra, allowing her to invest in herself and her work since 1999. Her vision extends beyond personal success, envisioning a future where all women transition seamlessly through life's stages. Despite initial limitations, she invested in herself, embarking on a slow and consistent 25-year journey.

Her business, though subject to seasonal highs and lows, provides her with the flexibility to innovate and reflect. Shambhavi's work spans life coaching, column writing, and authorship, each facet aiming to inspire and share experiences. With a sustainable business environment, she incorporated family into her endeavors, demonstrating that entrepreneurship need not be a solitary pursuit.

In the lows of her business cycles, Shambhavi maximizes the time to enhance her skills, read, and boost productivity. Her work, at its core, is about healing lives, extending beyond mere coaching to encompass a multifaceted approach aimed at inspiring and sharing experiences.

Shambhavi's journey is a testament to the unpredictability and richness of entrepreneurial paths, where self-discovery and consistency become guiding principles in achieving success. Success is addictive as they say, its like a rolling ball. Once the speed and direction is set it moves at it’s own pace. I truly didn’t plan anything, one led to the other. She advises “your degree is just a piece of paper your education is seen in your behavior.”

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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