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Shakthi Kumar | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Foreseeing the grief one goes through after losing someone crucial, this amenable, sophisticated, and flourishing entrepreneur, Ms. Shakthi Kumar, inherited the business from her father, providing people with the arrangements one has to make for the funeral of their loved ones.

Shakthi’s father kicked off the company with the perception of granting the deceased a decent send-off. Being aware of how arduous it is for the bereaved to prepare funerals and carry out customary ceremonies, Shakthi’s company provides funeral and cremation services throughout India to people of all faiths and castes. Through experiential learning, her company, “Kumar International Services,” assists people with a secure environment to recollect the happy and negative experiences they have had with their departed loved ones.

It aids in the transformation of the connection from one of actuality to one of reminiscence.

Coming to a pretty pass while constructing a team across India, years of sagacity have inculcated the wisdom in them regarding running the team while also ensuring that the dearly departed 's family may lament freely.

Assisting the Asian population is a specialty of Shakthi's cremation team. Having a detailed knowledge of the mourning requirements and preparations needed to fulfill burial customs to the highest standards, her company assists the clients with love and sensitivity while paying close attention to the minute details.

When your loved one is in their attention, they put their care, respect, and decency into practice.

Death Funeral Services are open and available to people of all different backgrounds. To ensure that you always receive comfortable and individualized benefits from them, they will carefully consider your specific instructions and fulfill your requests to the highest standard. Dead body transport to and from any city or nation worldwide are assisted by their team of knowledgeable and multilingual experts. It can be incredibly upsetting to deal with the formalities involved in planning a funeral. Because of this, they offer you direction and assistance when you need it most to get through this challenging journey. The company understands that people grieve, and they work with people to make funeral plans as simple as possible, along with offering all post-funeral services. Moreover, They helped a lot of people during the covid times in terms of cremation and ambulance services. Shakthi set aside time each week to reflect and examine areas that needed attention because she frequently finds herself working in her profession rather than focusing on others' businesses. Shakthi believes, "When we lose someone we love, we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind."

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