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Sameer Satyarth | The Entrepreneurs of India Youngpreneur Magazine August 2022

Sameer Satyarth is an 18-year-old entrepreneur, Co-founder of Raid on News, and has his hands on over 15 startups. He specializes in Digital Marketing, SMM, Web Development, Blogging, SEO, Graphics Designing, and HR operations.

He is always a student at the Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, and is an active member of E-Cell IEM. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14. Apart from regular studies, he was always interested in doing extracurricular activities. In grade 6th, he got interested in Cricket and decided to join it.

He eventually, ended up playing at a state level for under 14 and 16. But as much as he loved cricket, he would often find himself playing with technology and software. And that’s when he got introduced to Web Development, Digital Marketing tools, Blogging, SEO, etc. his elder brother, who was studying in college at that time knew that these skills are highly valuable and in demand and hence, Sameer would practice them as much as he could while still studying at school.

“My elder brother suggested to me that we can earn money through content writing and that’s when I started writing blogs on the website he had made.” Says Sameer while he was still in grade 9th. Somehow, after a lot of attempts, at blogging and web development, he still couldn’t generate revenue as something was going wrong. All his attempts had failed but, Sameer was learning day by day. When he was just 14 years old. He created the website, and set up his team who started writing regular blogs. Initially, his friends, Komal Singh and Nandini Singh happily agreed to support Sameer and decided to support him by posting regular blogs.

It was a perfect trio! To generate more traffic, they decided to start covering personalities, and it worked.

Today, after 4 years, they’ve established themselves are a successful startup in the Public relations Industry covering articles about India’s finest leaders. Today, they’re earning well with a good set of the team. But what’s fascinating is that Sameer comes from a place where all most parents want is to direct their children to government jobs. Despite such an atmosphere, he has managed to establish himself in his career of interest.

“As an 18-year-old, I’ve been fortunate to see many things. Be it Success, failures, betrayers, and several other things. But I see that most people take it for granted, while I think that these are all stepping stones. If one can learn to overcome anything, the sky is the limit” says Sameer.


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