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Saloni Raheja| Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose...

Since childhood, I always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. As my father is a businessman and watched him doing what he loves to do. I always wanted to be my boss and my employee. Due to this, I wanted to have a business.

During my graduation, my college had an event in which I participated. I put my stall in the event and from there on I started with this. 

My entrepreneurial journey is full of roller coaster rides as some days were good and some were lost. I have managed my work all by myself as it is a small business that takes a lot of effort.

The biggest challenge I faced during  Entrepreneurship is being motivated. I used to motivate myself by reading stories of other entrepreneurs who have faced the same difficulties in their journey. And used to understand how others deal with such problems.

There are some achievements like we have sold around 5000 products by both online and offline platforms and have 4 successful popups. There is still to achieve.

We focus on creating products that are accessible and of recent relevance. Each product is natural and organic. Also, customization is available for customers. 

The message to other budding entrepreneurs is  Consistency is the key and hard work pays off.

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