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Ruhi Sindhwani | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

At just sixteen years old, Ruhi Sindhwani has proven that age is not a factor when it comes to excellence. Born and raised in India until the age of ten, she moved to Canada with her family in pursuit of further education and opportunities. Ruhi is a talented student, artist, co-author, podcaster, player, and influencer. Ruhi's talent was evident from a young age, making her first YouTube makeup tutorial at eight and selling sketches at an exhibition for $30 at 12. She's a talented artist, co-author of "The Purple Couch," and designed its cover. Her empathy towards nature and people helps her capture emotions in her artwork. Ruhi Sindhwani hosts a podcast "Podcast via youth, for the youth" where she showcases talented young achievers and provides them with a platform to inspire others with their stories. Ruhi's main inspiration is her mother, Mrs. Sunaina Sindhwani. While talking about her, she said, "When I read any book or biography or story, I know that only a part of someone's life is there. Other parts are hidden and not given. But I have seen my mother fighting through all odds and always standing strong. When I see her acting with such a high level of empathy, understanding, and maturity, I feel awe, and I would really love to be as strong as her."

Ruhi faces the challenge of managing her time due to her involvement in various activities at a young age. She has overcome this by setting deadlines for her work and utilizing her free time for productive hobbies, leading to a better performance and energy level. Although Ruhi is not considering podcasting as a career option, she aspires to become a Neuro psychologist. She has seen her mother fight with mental trauma and illness for a long time, which has inspired her to help people improve their mental health. Her hobby and profession choice both reflect her inclination towards this goal. Ruhi values uniqueness and does not see life as a competition. Her spiritual practices such as chanting, gratitude writing, meditation, and yoga help her stay calm amidst the chaos of work and life. In conclusion, Ruhi Sindhwani is an exceptional young woman with many talents and abilities. Her passion for helping others improve their mental health is inspiring, and her dedication to her hobbies and profession is commendable.

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