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Rouchelle Dabral | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine December 2022

Rouchelle's wish to make things work differently inspired her to start her journey. With her knowledge of how people work, think, feel, and react, she wanted to create a story worth telling. Her love for PR, communication, and digital content helped her choose the niche where she would make things work her way.

"Patience and passion make me." Believes Rouchelle. Being a leader is demanding, and Rouchelle knew that. From teaching staff new things to learning from them regularly, from vigorous research to proper management, a leader has numerous responsibilities that must be carried out with patience and passion. It is required to be energized and ready at all times in order to set an ideal example.

One of the bigger challenges Rouchelle faced was time-bound projects that required her to give her best in a short amount of time. Another thing she learned while facing challenges was how to not stress out under pressure and look at the big picture with a smile on her face. "The reason for this smile is the number of people who trust her judgment and leadership."

According to Rouchelle, if the above is followed by anyone in her field of work, growth is guaranteed. One needs to keep one's ego aside and focus on identifying a mentor within each person.

Secondly, one should be able to identify constructive criticism and learn from it in the right manner. Lastly, build something solid, like a strong foundation that speaks for you yourself may not be available to speak for yourself everywhere.

Rouchelle believes a CEO should be a disciplined individual who is far-sighted and emotionally intelligent. Leaders have to realize that they are pioneers in elevating others. Changes ought to be brought by the CEO in such a way that it helps drive the company long after she has retired and passed the responsibility.

Rouvolution is the parent company that helps Authors and other content creators with their digital PR representing them on digital platforms. Willing2Digital on the other hand is for complete digital marketing + SEO, website building, influencer representation, and social media management. They also have a mentorship program where courses regarding Digital Marketing and Social Media are made for individuals that can get their careers started.

Apart from the company's achievements, as an individual, Rouchelle has focused on other things as well. Personal fitness, financial learning, performing, and hosting are some of the many.

Rouchelle's advice would be to follow your passion with full force and discipline, for discipline creates great habits and great habits create great people.

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