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Roshni Shukla | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

As the U.S. senator, David Vitter, quotes, "I believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!” Following the terms, our top-tier entrepreneur, Roshni Shukla, brings the children to Pisarv Technologies LLP.

Pisarv Technologies was founded on the notion of combining new technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the classroom learning experience for kindergarten students. The concept gave birth to a world-class patent-applied product called SARAL (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning) and the first offline coding equipment. CODCODEAN is a scaled syllabus from class 1st to 12th with Graphics Programming, C, C++, Python, Robotics, and Real-World AI/Machine Learning and instructional videos about Facial Recognition, Emotion Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, and the World's First Physical Distancing system for aviation commuters. With inefficient resources, Roshni's business had to create an operating system and appliances from the ground up, which required a significant amount of research and development and work; nevertheless, things began to fall into place naturally after that.

With strong family support and an optimistic approach, Roshni was determined enough to overcome the challenges of product acceptance among kids and COVID becoming a major hindrance. She could successfully run a technology-based company with the following features and patent product developments:

They have world-class patented products, concentrating mostly on the EdTech and Medial domains. With her business currently revolving around schools and kids, thorough research is done before bringing up a product, stressing its impact on kids and their future. SARAL improves pre-primary children's classroom learning experiences. SARAL is implemented in 400+ schools in India and Nepal, impacting over 400,000 early education kids. It's a patent-protected technology that facilitates interactive classroom learning. SARAL combines real-world animals, birds, and marine creatures into the classroom, making learning interesting and enlightening.

CODEAN: Pisarv Technologies believes coding and programming will help students develop transferable skills such as logical or computational thinking, flexibility, problem-solving, creativity, perseverance, and teamwork. It's hard and fun!

It's an offline coding tool for schools. Graded curriculum in Visual Programming, C, C++, Python, Robotics, and Real-World AI/ML classes including Face Recognition, Mood Identification, and OCR.

PDS ensures social distance to reduce COVID-19. This product uses AI. The regulations are meant to preserve social isolation, but it's hard to do so in locations like banks, shopping malls, train stations, ticket desks, schools, universities, industries, government offices, and more.

At the end of the day, Roshni said that success would come to those who believe in themselves and work hard.

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