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Roshni Mukherjee | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Roshni was raised in a culturally diverse home. India is renowned for its beautiful culture and authenticity. This beauty found its way to Roshni when she decided to hone this compassion to modern sensibilities and work towards making ‘Myosutra.’ She credits her commercial success to her experience as a banker. Her initial days as front-line branch manager taught her the skills of customer interaction. Her next move to a compliance role initiated her learning towards business construct. The opertions role gave her exposure to process management.

Her friends and family never hesitated in providing Mukherjee with the ingredients she needed including moral support. Now, everyone is proud of the bread they baked.

Coming from Kolkata, she was always surrounded by art so the resources she received were not limited. She is eternally grateful for the privilege but did not let it define her. Her hard work did the job.

Mayosutra aims to showcase the talent of Indian artisans while improvising to appeal to contemporary tastes. Authentic designs celebrate ethnicity whereas western ones are renditions of vibrant expression.

She advises people to know themselves because once you are informed about your personality, objectives, values, you make your life purposeful.

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