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Roshani Shukla | The Entrepreneurs of India Youngpreneur Magazine August 2022

Roshani Shukla: Initially, Pisarv Technologies began with the simple idea of revolutionizing a classroom learning experience using advanced technologies like AR and AI. But with wonders, it gave birth to the world-class (patent applied) product called "SARAL" (Simple Augmented Reality Applied Learning) and one of the first offline coding appliances' CODEAN." It is graded with curriculum from class 1st to 12th with Visual Programming, C, Robotics, Machine Learning, and tutorials like Face detection, Mood recognition, etc. Besides, they have also developed PDS, the world's first Physical Distancing System.

The first significant challenge for them was acceptance. Roshni says, "Though we were very optimistic, we wanted to see how kids would receive our product, and we are delighted they love it." During the pandemic, they came up with the idea of a Physical Distancing System (PDS). "We also developed CODEAN during this period," says Shukla.

At present, their business environment revolves around schools and kids. "We thoroughly study before coming up with any product or feature about its impact on the kids and their future."

Roshni has always regarded family support as their backbone. "They encourage or support us in every decision, stood with us in every up and down."

While starting out, their resources were limited. Even they had to build their own operating system. "It involved a lot of R&D and effort; later on, things started falling in place automatically. Recently we also designed our own indigenous Robot Board for our upcoming Follow-ME Robot and one robot for School Kids."

She believes that young entrepreneurs are the country's future. "We feel it is in the safe hands of our Honourable Prime Minister, who motivates youth to build and innovate in the country by promoting Make In India."

We are proud that SARAL is installed in more than 400+ schools across India and Nepal, impacting more than 400000 early learners in India. Besides, PDS is developed to ensure adherence to social distancing to minimize the spread of Covid19, installed at Indore Airport.

Roshni believes in technology and making products that solve the problem. "We don't sell junk; we have a couple of world-class patented product which makes us unique in our field."

Have faith in yourself and give your best; this is her motto to work for Pisarv Technologies. "Give your all and leave the rest to the supreme power; success will surely come to you."


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