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Rohan R shaping the Digital industry of AddereCreations.

Rohan R: In college, I hoped to get a bike, but like every other Indian family, my parents rejected the idea of getting me one, given the increased number of accidents. Although I never thought I wanted to be an entrepreneur, I was inspired by my father, and being the pertinacious one made me look for ways to start an earning to buy a bike on my own.

In pursuit of an income source, I came across the technology of 3D Printing and, I was instantly charmed by it that made me drop the bike idea. I convinced my parents to buy me a 3D Printer instead, to start my company Addere Creations. The biggest challenge initially was that people didn’t recognize me as an actual entrepreneur. I reached out to my close ones hoping they would help me, but in return, I was only mentored and advised to leave this and focus on my studies.

I realized that only strangers could help me grow further and dedicated myself to making posters, infographics, websites, and various other content to reach out to the world. Sooner, many interested people came and supported me. Now, four years from when Addere Creations started, we have established in providing our services on 3D Printing, 3D Scanning & 3D Designing in more than 32 industry sectors, and for customers all over India. We have helped many individuals, doctors, companies, and more with our services and made our way to be recognized as one of the best upcoming startups in India.

People can connect with us through or mail us at or call at +91-9972128326.

Our recent accomplishments include creating a functional 3D Printed cast for a patient’s fractured limb for the first time in India, conducting Workshops & Internships for 3500+ engineering students & professors, reaching 120 five-star reviews on Google by our customers, and more.

And through my journey, I felt for an Entrepreneur experience does not matter. What matters is your passion, dedication, and hard work to achieve your goals.”

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