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Ritika Khanna| No matter how many ups and downs your business experiences, never stop trying to move

I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. Coming from a middle-class family, my priority was scoring good marks in academics.

It was when I got inspired to be an entrepreneur from a book in which a character had a passion for skincare products and later on opened her store. And this gave me ideas and motivated me to do a lot of research and started my own small business.

The journey of entrepreneurship was full of experience which I gained through these months. A lot of effort goes into making all the amazing products. Very often, people question small business owners about the prices of their products, but it is the owner who knows behind the making of products.

Challenges that entrepreneurs face are when giving all their energy into the business and not getting results frustrating for an entrepreneur. But still going strong and being consistent is the key. Also maintaining the balance between business and personal life is challenging. Getting everything within the time limit is challenging.

There are sometimes when I'll receive orders of products that are out of stock, and making them again takes at least a day or two.

Our biggest achievement is having some loyal customers that come back to us for more products. Selling 100+ products within a year is a huge deal as well. Seeing beautiful reviews by people, and how our products can help them fills us with great happiness.

The message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is Starting your own small business is not at all easy but it’s not impossible. A lot of patience is required for running your small business. The graph doesn’t always go up there are always ups and downs, the key is not to give up just keep trying.

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