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Rinkle Buddhadev | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine January 2023

Rinkle Buddhadev, a successful Womenpreneur based in the UK/EU who proves that "Being a woman in itself is a superpower". As a dutiful daughter, caring sister, loving wife, amazing mother, and hardworking professional, Rinkle is a multi-talented individual who is making a difference in the lives of many.

As the Director of Moksha Foundation and Executive Board Member of Women-Empowerment Club in Surat, India, Rinkle has earned the title of "Mother of Moksha Foundation" and the award "Woman in Social Awareness" by Zee News (The Million Pixel) in Mumbai. With the help of over hundreds of volunteers, Moksha Foundation is helping people to overcome their frustrations and give them a voice to share their stories of ups and downs and celebrations and agonies. And Rinkle has big plans to take Moksha to new heights.

Despite living in a society where many parents are more supportive of their sons securing a 9-5 job in a bank than their daughters starting their own business, Rinkle was confident and brave enough to take the leap and start her own company. Her main goal is to inspire women to become independent, even after being happily married and being a mother. Rinkle believes that to achieve what you want, you must first know every step that needs to be taken to reach your target. Her first priority is to work towards girl child education, because without basic knowledge, a person cannot determine which field will help them flourish in the future. As a good listener and adviser, she is working to improve girl child education through Moksha Foundation.

Rinkle also understands the impact of mental health on success. She believes that if a person is not mentally at peace, they cannot be expected to thrive in their pursuits. To help people dealing with mental health issues, Rinkle started the Women-Empowerment Club, where she leads 40-50 women in free yoga sessions in Surat, India. Moksha Foundation is also working in the field of mental health under Rinkle's mentorship.

But Rinkle doesn't want to stop at mental health. She is also working towards addressing other social welfare issues, such as sexual abuse, period poverty, healthy and gender-neutral parenting, and many others. It's a gradual and meticulous process, but Rinkle is determined to bring change to society with the help of Moksha Foundation.

Rinkle Buddhadev is a woman of many talents, making a difference in the lives of those around her. We can't wait to see what she accomplishes next.

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